No matter if you are the found developer or designer you know how important details are to satisfy the demanding customers’ needs. The subtle finish, the right layout, or a piece of art on a wall can determine satisfaction and decision if the client choose us.

With our unique contemporary art printed as wallpapers for any indoor or outdoor places, wall murals or reproductions; we are here to add value, the touch of finish to your dedicated work and increase the satisfaction of your clients. With our highest quality, unique art pieces, in the past used in decorating popular public places, nowadays we can give joy and unparalleled esthetical impression to private or public premises of yours or your client’s. If you are a developer or a designer and you enjoy our works, either in the form of wallpaper, wall murals or printed reproductions, please contact us.

We can offer you satisfactory cooperation conditions, as well templates of our works, marketing materials, and CAD documents for all the templates.



If you are a retailer of fabrics, home decorations or wallpapers and you are seeking out new products for your showroom to expand or improve your portfolio, we have a great offer for you. With our unique products of highest German technological quality combined with unique contemporary design, we can add value to the range of products and designs you offer.

Despite our offering you wholesale prices for our products, we will supply you with large templates, ready to stand with our wallpapers which you can place in your showroom with no extra costs, as well marketing material. If you have an empty wall which you think you might want to decorate with one of our wallpapers, we will supply you the image of your choice and size.

Please contact us to establish mutual cooperation.



CAD Texture's Library

Download a CAD texture's library of our wallpaper's collections. Click image above to download library.

FREZO Wallpaper Texstures

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