FREZO, as the heir of a great Polish artist whose works during the 50s-70s in the last century were decorating many murals of fashionable and popular places, these days it is a great pleasure to offer you those original and unique artworks in a new form.

Many of the designs we offer are examples of the best polish wall paintings (murals) used as decorations at restaurants, coffee shops, club, spas and other public houses of the period back then. Forgotten over the course of time, they have now been revitalized as wallpapers motifs, for human admiration. This allows them again to be seen and to give joy as  great art to be used currently to design various interiors.

Apart from the classic motives, we design brand new patterns and collections, paying attention to the highest artistry level of our designs. As an addition to the wallpapers, we invite you to choose from posters, linen paintings or glass panels for kitchen and bathrooms with your favorite theme.

During the process of the preparation of our products, we use the latest, Eco-green technologies. Designs reflected on our wallpapers are perfect to the smallest detail, and present reliability on the colour sharpness and are of the highest quality. Each interior is treated as a unique space. Every design is a result of co-operation between our experts and you, and all designs can be modified, or otherwise converted in size or colour.



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The history of our projects dates back to the 50s of the last century. Just then the Polish artist from Torun, Franciszek Michalek (1923-2006) finished his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts under the guidance of the famous Tymon Niesiołowski, one of the greatest Polish painters of the twentieth century. He rejected the offer of his master to remain at the faculty of the university and moved to Bydgoszcz, where he created his first large-format wall compositions.


He started designing large wall decorations in public spaces: spas, cafes, office buildings, hotels, theatres. This kind of art was his specialty and livelihood. By the end of the 70s he had created over forty monumental murals in many cities. Each new enterprise of his he tackled very seriously, with profound attention to detail. It would be considered finished only after a long series of sketches and plans done. In order to streamline design work the artist built up a special drafting table. As is typical for artists around the world, he would often stop and start all over again, constantly improving things forever dissatisfied with his work. Apart from his large-scale mural projects, the artist also found pleasure in creating small beautiful pieces of interior art, such as candlesticks, lamps and furniture.

At the beginning of the 80s Franciszek Michalek ceased to create, falling into oblivion. His works disappeared, replaced by the tacky decorations that became largely popular in the 80s and 90s. Here the story would end, had there not been discovered several hundred designs and sketches for paintings realized and unrealized, after his death. These works, most of which never displayed, made up the great posthumous exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Torun.

Nowadays, Franciszek’s son – Piotr, and his friends, have revived the original wall decorations created by his father in the form of high quality wallpapers. Designs from several decades ago now come to life on the walls of our homes. That’s how the brand FREZO (Fr as Francis and Fresco) and the brand logo with stylized F how Francis signed many of his works has been created.

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